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We are not here to break the bank. We are simply here to help those who don't have thousands of dollars available for editing

Whether your work has 2000/2k words, 7000/7k words, or 250,000/250k words, we are here to help you with your editing needs.

There is a flat fee of $30 for the first 15,000/15k words. Beyond 15k, the prices listed under the services come into effect. Example:
a 90,000/90k word book requested for heavy editing would equate to $30 for the first 15k words, then $
.006/word for anything
above 15k. The total for the book would be $450 + $30 = $480. For projects over $300, payment is 50% up front and 50% at
completion. For projects $300 or less, payment in full will be paid prior to the commencement of work on the project. Credit cards
are accepted. Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.

Our turnaround time frame depends on the amount of words within the project. A novella will usually take a week or less. A
manuscript of 100,000/100k words will take longer, depending on the level of editing requested. The time frame can more
accurately determined once the project is evaluated by Art and Edit. For rush services, please add an additional $50.

Price: $.002/word

Proofreading is one of the last step in the editing process. It is when a fresh pair of eyes can evaluate your work to ensure it is
finished and professional before submitting your work for publication/presentation. Grammar and Punctuation issues can be
indicated but are usually not a part of the proofreading process. Proofreading services include the following:

  • Typographical errors
  • formatting inconsistencies
  • spelling and punctuation errors

Copy/Line Editing:
Copy/line editing assists through a more in depth editing process, with the correction of errors and the readability flow. Below is a
list of what is included with each level of copy/line editing:

  • Light Copy/Line Editing:
    Price: $.004/word

  • spelling
  • grammar
  • punctuation corrections
  • word choice
  • changing passive voice to active voice, when applicable
  • repetitiveness
  • POV (point of view) shifts
  • overuse of adjectives and adverbs

  • Heavy Copy/Line Editing:
    Price: $.006/word

  • includes everything listed in Light Copy/Line Editing
  • sentence structure: breaking up run-on sentences to improve the readability flow
  • concision
  • continuity
  • plot continuity, structure, gaps
  • character development
  • settings and description
  • suggestions for movement of sentences and/or paragraphs to improve flow
  • plausibility of information
If you are interested in inquiring about our services,
please fill in the information under the Contact Us section.
When you glance at a magazine, or a book, or an advertisement, the first thing you see is the design on the covers.
They draw you in and invite you to discover more about the product. If the design is cartoonish and/or amateurish,
it can hurt interest in your project. It can reduce sales. A good first impression is a lasting one.

We can help with your first impression and take your graphic design/cover art project from mediocre to professional
without having to break the bank. Below are examples of the projects we have designed. Click
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examples of our work.
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All our custom, one-of-a-kind cover art/graphic designs are a flat fee of $69 for e-books and $99 for full cover print
books. The turnaround time for the completion of the design is a week, depending on the request and the work
load. For rush services, please add an additional $25.

Whether your project is simple or complex, uses three images or ten, or needs several sessions to make sure it is
what you want, the fee is still the same. We take the guess work out of the cost equation. And we guarantee our
work or your money will be refunded.

If you are interested in using our design services, simply fill out the information located on the Contact Us page. We
will respond to you as soon as possible to discuss your project needs.
Premade Cover Designs
Our premade covers are unique and will only be sold one time. There is no guess work on the price: what you see is
what you pay. Once a sale has been confirmed, the cover design will be removed from the site.

Changes can be made to the style and color of the font, and in some cases the background color. The background
design will not be changed. If you see a cover and it gives you an idea of what you want, consider having a Custom
cover designed.
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Whimsical Publications, LLC.
Cover Art

Click here to see
more examples of
our cover art/graphic
design works.
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