About Our Business
Time and time again, it was observed where people were posting on the internet about how they could not afford a
good editor, even though they knew it would help improve their manuscript. Or an eye catching cover. Research
showed this for the most part to be true: it could cost in the thousands of dollars for a 75,000/75k to 90,000/90k
word book.

The average person usually does not have that kind of excess cash laying around.

It is sad to think people are not able to reach their goal or commission a special piece of art simply because they could
not afford it. That's when authors/editors Janet Durbin and Brieanna Robertson decided to do something about
helping the average person. After collaborating several months late into the night, Art and Edit became a reality.

Between the two of them, Janet and Brieanna have 15+ years experience in the book design industry: via editing,
formatting and cover design.

Brieanna has edited professionally with several publishers, along with doing freelance editing, but she has been writing
her entire life. She believes strongly in allowing the authors to retain their unique creative voice while striving to help a
manuscript be the best it can be. She loves assisting the authors to shine to their full potential.

Janet has been drawing and doodling in some form or fashion all her life: including still art, portraits, animals and
cartoon figures. She penned her first book, an illustrated children's book, in high school and earned an A+ for her
work. She has branched out and now includes computer media to create cover designs. In addition, she is an editor
and is a firm believer in helping the author maintain their voice while perfecting their story.

Art and Edit provides quality work and doesn't feel the bank needs to be shattered in the process. If you are
interested in our services, please inquire through the Contact Us section of this website.

Never stop reaching for your dreams. One day they can become a reality.
Art and Edit
Quality Work, Affordable Prices